The “It” Factor of The Westside

Westside, also known as West Midtown, is an urban neighborhood inside the 285 perimeter of Atlanta. It boasts tons of urban lofts, art galleries, live music venues, retail and restaurants.

Westside is a popular place for foodies, as some of the trendiest and high-end restaurants are located here. The Atlanta Food Truck park, which came on the scene in 2012, is located in the area. Three major art centers live in West Midtown: The Goat Farm Arts Center, the Westside Cultural Arts Center, and the King Plow Arts Center. In the center of the town is Westside Provisions, an establishment of find shopping, dining and living.

The area is known as the Design District for its large variety of home furnishings showrooms that have everything from traditional to contemporary furniture, as well as fabric stores, custom workrooms, and craftsmen to help you create your design vision.

Overall the Westside of Atlanta has tons to offer. If you are interested in moving to the area, please visit

Have you been to the Westside? What is your favorite restaurant there?


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