Westside Transforms from Industrial Center to Post Hot Spot


West Midtown, or the Westside, has become a hot spot for design, retail, and dining. The area was formerly an industrial center. The Westside Ironworks shopping center that was once a working foundry, is now home to posh retail space.

Founder Bradley Odom discusses the changes. “[The neighborhood] is really eclectic and draws from lots of different places, including Midtown, Buckhead, Inman Park,” he said. “Lots of really great restaurants as well as what’s starting to happen with this home furnishings district, if you will. There are a lot of really great home furnishing stores on this side of town that really complement one another.”

Real Estate guru Frank Buonanotte agrees.“What really makes the Westside so unique and so sustainable in my mind, some developer didn’t come in and knock things down and build a new building there. It happened organically,” he said. “So instead of having all new stuff that looks alike, feels alike, is boring, looks the same as everywhere else, you have buildings with a tremendous amount of character.”

To learn more West Midtown, click here.


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