Westside’s Whittier Mill is One of Atlanta’s Oldest (and Most Charming) Neighborhoods

westside-whittier-mill-park.pngWhittier Mill is one of Atlanta’s oldest neighborhoods, and, with only 30 acres and about 110 homes, it’s also one of the smallest It’s located in the Westside of Atlanta. The original mill and village were founded in 1895, but only remnants of the mill remain today. The former cotton mill site is now home to the Whittier Mill Village Park. The neighborhood was ranked in the Best Old House Neighborhoods by This Old House in 2011. With it only being a 15 minute commute to downtown, the community lives up to its slogan of “close to the city, yet far.”

The houses around the neighborhood came about to house the Whittier Textile Mill workers after the Lowell, Massachusetts-based Whittier Cotton Mills expanded to the South. The workers were able to rent the neighborhood homes for $1 per week. Then, when the mill grew in 1925, additional homes were built.

The Whittier Mill Village Park has 17 acres of woods, lawn, a children’s playground, and a bocce ball court. Parktoberfest is an annual event every fall, and it raises money for the community park. Other fun events include a progressive dinner, which is held at neighbors homes every New Year’s Eve.

There is a Whittier Mill Village Association, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that has residents and owners of the area defined by the Whittier Mill Village National Register Historic District. The organization aims to improve the Whittier Mill residents’ quality of life and the to preserve the Village as a historic residential neighborhood.

There are 107 original wood-frame cottages still standing, with newer houses being built to resemble the historic ones. Built in the Queen Anne and Georgian styles, the houses feature pitched roofs, pine millwork, and wide front porches, and are set on quiet wooded lots. Prices range from the mid-$100,000s to more than $400,000.

To see some of the homes in Whittier Mill, click here and here.

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