New Italian Restaurant Donetto Coming to Atlanta’s Westside

westside-donettoA new Italian restaurant called Donetto is opening up on the Westside, across the street from Miller Union. It will be located about the Painted Duck at 976 Brady Avenue.

It will be opened by The Indigo Road restaurant group, which also owns Colleta in Alpharetta. Led by Colletta executive chef Mike Perez, Donetto will serve Tuscan cuisine at 976 Brady Avenue across from Miller Union.

Instead of having a pizza oven like other Tuscan restaurant Colleta, Donetto will fosu on pasta and meat.

Executive chef Mike Perez is working on a late-night menu featuring two-bite paninis made with steak and meatballs. He said he would eventually want to use the outside fire pit where guests can cook their own meat. And marshmallows!

“I love Italy. We rent a house there every year,” says Indigo Road founder Steve Palmer. “Nothing says sharing food at a table more than Italian food. That’s the spirit: good friends getting together sharing.”

The restaurant is looking to open in May. For more details on other exciting Westside projects, click here.


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