Brock Built Plans New Development, Westside Station

westside-station-1A new development, or “mini-town” station, called Westside Station, is being planned by developer Brock Built in West Midtown, Atlanta.

The development includes over 160 homes on Marietta Road, on a former 28-acre truck yard. The Station, which pays homage to the area’s rail and heavy industrial past and present, would stand near the developer’s Dupont Commons neighborhood around the corner from Crest Lawn Cemetery.

The 98 single-family homes will start in the low $400,000s and will range from 2,000 – 5,000 square feet, with 3 – 6 bedrooms. The 65 townhomes have 3-5 bedrooms and will be between 2,200 – 2,900 square feet.

Westside Station is centered around a park and walking trails, with lots of sidewalks and a pool and clubhouse.

To see more photos of this Brock Built development, click here. To learn more about the Westside and its developments, click here.

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