Phase One of Westside Park at Bellwood Quarry Renderings

westside-bellwood-quarry2The plans for Phase One of the Westside Park at Bellwood Quarry were unveiled last week.

The park which will be 100 acres larger than Piedmont Park will “transform a historic property on the Westside and bring something incredible to the community to all of Atlanta,” Mayor Reed said.

Phase One includes a gateway entrance at the intersection of Johnson Road and Grove Park Place on the north side of the park. The restoration of Grove Park Place will include resurfacing of the roadway and the rehabilitation and enhancement of greenery along the corridor. Grove Park will have a grand overlook area to maximize views of the quarry-turned-reservoir and a beautiful view of the Atlanta skyline.

The first phase of the park should open in 2019.westside-bellwood-quarrywestside-bellwood-quarry1westside-bellwood-quarry3westside-bellwood-quarry4westside-bellwood-quarry5


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