McAlister’s Deli Coming to the Westside

westside-mcalistersThe build-out of a McAlister’s Deli started in the West Midtown Center on the corner of Northside and 17th.

This location will be the first in Atlanta and will be a new prototype and “test location” for the restaurant chain. The 3,100 square-foot space will be a new look, and residents will play a role in the brand’s future because of the feedback they will provide. There will be new menu items as well.


“We’re proudly headquartered in Atlanta and handpicked West Midtown for our new prototype because of the vibrancy and diversity of the community,” says Joe Guith, president of McAlister’s. “We’ve spent a lot of time and research finessing the experience we provide our guests and hope the community is looking forward to the new McAlister’s as much as we are.”


The exact address is 1299 Northside Drive. Check back for more about the Westside.westside-mcalisters2


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