Savannah Bee Company Opens in the Westside Provisions District

westside-savannah-bee-company3The grand opening of the Savannah Bee Company was recently celebrated. The new location is at 1100 Howell Mill Rd. at Westside Provisions District.

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits and King of Pops were both served. The first 500 customers received a gift with a purchase from the new store.

There are so many new businesses in Westside — you should check them out!



New Hawaiian Eatery Opening in Westside


Arium Westside (formerly known as Tenside) will soon to home to Circle Poke, another new poke concept.

A new Hawaiian restaurant in opening up in West Midtown, inside the Arium Westside, along with restaurants like Zen on Ten and Three Dollar Cafe. It will be called Circle Poke, and is expected to open 2018 or earlier, depending on how fast the permits with the City of Atlanta get filed.

The 1,015 square foot space, managed by Sean Jung, will be at Suite 950 in the apartment building at 1000 Northside Drive. Westside is developing very quickly! See more info.



Taco 404 to Open in Westside’s Berkeley Park

westside-Taco-404.pngA new restaurant called Taco 404 is coming to the Westside! The joint venture between Miami-based restauranteur Jason Sherman and Chef Sabi Benardete, is in the permitting process with the City of Atlanta.

There will be an open kitchen and outdoor patio. It will be built in a brick building with three garage doors which is currently being used as a 2,636 square foot storage facility. The exact address is 1523 Howell Mill Road in Berkeley Park.


“Taco 404 is our take on a busy food corner in Mexico City,” Sherman said. It will serve lunch and dinner. It’s expected to open in November. To read more about Berkeley Park, click here!

Westside’s Bocado Restaurant’s Burger Ranked on Thrilllist

westside-bocadoThe burger at Bocado’s on the Westside was recently ranked #4 in The Best Burgers in Atlanta List on

Here is a excerpt from the article. To read the full list, click here. To read more about the Westside, click here!

The meat had a fantastic grind — loose enough, but really well griddled and heaped with American cheese so that it all blended together. The sesame bun stayed out of the way, and the Westside accoutrement actually helped to cut through all that fat and offer up some cold, crunchy relief and acid from the special sauce

Fitness Guru Rox Shabazz Opening Westside Gym

westside-roc-shabazz.jpgFitness guru Roc Shabazz is opening at fitness center in West Midtown. It will be Atlanta’s second location of Fitness Pros Wellness Center. The other location is on Hembree Road in Roswell.

The location will be near Top Golf at 1550 Southland Circle at a warehouse. This is given that the plans are approved by the City of Atlanta to buildout the 9,441 square foot warehouse.


Fitness Pros offers “personalized training plans, classes, personal trainers,” and a “motivating atmosphere.” To learn more about stuff going on in Westside, click here!

School-themed Restaurant Opens in Westside

westside-Public-School-404-1Public School 404, also called PS 404, opened its restaurant in May on the Westside. It’s a 4,863 square foot gastropub off Howell Mill Rd.

The restaurant is “school-themed” with decor such as encyclopedias, globes, microscopes and textbooks. There are 16 beer tabs and an open kitchen wrapped in steel-framed glass. If you choose to eat al fresco, there is a covered patio. Some of the menu items includes bacon cheddar tots, and bangers and mash.

Public School 404 is located in The Brady Apartment Complex, which is on 930 Howell Mill Rd. For more information about PS 404, click here. For info about stuff popping up in Westside, click here!